Ijpegn the ever changing market that is the hospitality industry recruitment strategies need to be just as quick moving as employees. This can be difficult to navigate but we have some easy pointers to get you headed in the right direction.

Jobs in 2016 are being sought after using lots of different and wacky tactics and social media platforms are right at the forefront of this movement. So to keep you in the loop and to help you get the best candidates using social media there are certain characteristics we’ve compiled to put you one step ahead.

The following are some game changing trends in Australia and New Zealand at the moment to get your head around:

Building your Brand

Your brand is your business – millennials are a very well represented demographic at the moment as far as hospitality sectors are concerned. According to a Gallup poll, over 50 percent of millennials check their phones at least a few times an hour.

With this kind of screen time over a day it makes sense to aim your brand to utilise internet marketing to push brand personality, user centricity, and relatability.

You can demonstrate this by having a strong presence on social media; respond to comments, engage with your employees, and interacting with your customers. Having an interactive medium to communicate on that is perceived as less formal encourages candidates to be themselves – helping you to find the right cultural fit for your business the first time.

Social Media Advertising

It’s the best way to directly reach job seekers as far more job seekers are on social media than actively looking on job websites every day. Simple, right? Whether it’s because millennials are glued to their phones or because the internet is ruining society – it doesn’t really matter. What really matters are results, and if social media can increase your reach to more candidates who relate to your brand and your offering then it makes sense to advertise to them.

Social media lets you speak directly to your audience – be engaging, spontaneous, and friendly. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all being used to engage and draw in potential talent. The wider the social media net you’re casting the more candidates who already have an interest in your company you’ll reach.

Power Swap

There are a bucket load of reasons why social media is a handy tool for recruitment – It’s easy, it’s free, and everyone uses it. But sometimes it can be too accessible, recruitment success isn’t measured by jobs filled as much as it is by the people who are filling them.

If you’re getting the right applicants the first time it means better retention, happier employees, and more talented staff. Top employees are driven by more than just a paycheque; job satisfaction, work/life balance, and career progression are all critical drivers of talent.

If you’re getting candidates who view work as more than just dollars in the bank or a promotion and bragging rights at family Christmas you’ll increase their engagement and productivity as well. Everybody wins.

If you’re looking for help with your recruitment strategy, consider a hospitality recruiter with on the job knowledge and insight into the industry.

By, Tanith Jones – Employhospo