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2610, 2016

How Social Media is effecting Your Hiring

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In the ever changing market that is the hospitality industry recruitment strategies need to be just as quick moving as employees. This can be difficult to navigate but we have some easy pointers to get you headed in the right direction.

Jobs in 2016 are being sought after using lots of different and wacky tactics and […]

3009, 2015

Create The Best First Impression!

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So you have been successful in securing an interview, you have passed the Telephone Interview with flying colours and you are fully prepared for your first face to face interview. It’s all plain sailing from here right? What can go wrong? Speak to anyone who has ever interviewed and they will tell you that there […]

1009, 2015

Interview Questions You’re Sure to Be Asked

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4 Job Interview Questions You’re Sure to Be Asked

Job interviews can be extremely intimidating. After all, a lot is at stake. In some cases, a job interview could hold the key to a secure financial future filled with the type of work one has dreamed of. Feeling nervous is a natural response to this sort […]

807, 2015

Stupid Interview Question: “What’s your greatest weakness?”

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SHEEPIE ANSWER: “I’m a hard worker, and I can be too hard on myself and other people when I think that either me or somebody else could give a little more to a project.”

HIGH-MOJO ANSWER: “I used to obsess about my weaknesses. I used to think I had a million defects that needed correcting, and I read […]

807, 2015

Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers

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A clear indication is staff turnover with a single manager – There’s a saying that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers – and today they are leaving more often than ever.

Managers who don’t create the right opportunities for their employees, don’t communicate with them, and don’t appreciate them often find themselves dealing with a […]

807, 2015

Why Candidates should interview the interviewers

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Candidates come in all shapes and sizes. There are passive candidates who are looking for the right opportunity.  There are candidates that have lost their job and been out of work for a while. There are candidates who have recently left their role for one reason or another and are looking for their next opportunity. […]

807, 2015

Are you having a tough time job hunting?

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Create a list of the kinds of employers and opportunities that would be a great match for your skills and interests. Have specific companies and job titles in mind, when possible. If you know the type of place where you’d like to work, but don’t yet know the names of any specific companies, use the […]