Talent search

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we focus on Passive and off the grid Talent Acquisition. We do not advertise our roles. Anyone can post a job on SEEK and send clients resumes. Using this method gives our clients amazing results with finding the best possible talent on the market! These candidates are employed for a reason.

The best talent will most likely be from the group of individuals that are not actively looking. So, if you are not using our Passive Talent Acquisition methodology and just placing ads on SEEK or using a database as most recruitment agencies do, you are not hiring the best talent from the entire talent pool; you are hiring the best talent from a puddle.

We found our clients have increased productivity and improved ROI. Having a 95% fill rate with these organisations that are using our “Passive Talent Acquisition” methodology and a 100% retention shows the results.

“If you are not using Passive Talent Acquisition methods as your primary recruitment weapon, then you are not hiring the best talent in-the-market”.

Advantages of using our Passive Talent Acquisition methodology (PTA Method)

  • Finding quality candidates who would not have come to light otherwise.
  • Identifying quality candidates that no one else has contacted.
  • Being the best source for candidates with difficult to find or unique skill sets or experience.
  • Passive candidates tend to be more selective about finding the right position and better self-selection leads to a decreased staff turnover.